Stuffed eggplants

Stuffed eggplants Per la ricetta originale Milangiane ‘mbuttunate (melanzane farcite) vedere qui.   In Calabria, as in the rest of southern Italy, eggplants are prepared in various ways and the same dish has many variations based on the different areas of each region. I usually prepare stuffed eggplants with meat, but for La CucinaRegionale, I … Continua a leggere

Oven-baked savory pasta

Oven-baked savory pasta Per la ricetta originale, in italiano la Pasta china (pasta ripiena al forno), cliccare qui. This oven- baked pasta filled with various ingredients is the typical Calabrese dish of Sundays and holidays. It could be considered a main course since it is quite rich. Its filling includes, in fact, small fried meatballs, … Continua a leggere

Potato bread

Potato bread La ricetta originale del Pane di patate in italiano è qui. Potato Bread Ingredients: 150 gr mashed potatoes 350 grflour, for bread making 125 ml potato cooking water 2     tsp. dry yeast 2     tbsp. olive oil 1 tbsp. butter 1     tsp. honey 1     tsp. salt. … Continua a leggere

Batter-fried salted cod bites

Batter-fried  salted cod bites Per la ricetta originale in italiano dei Bocconcini di baccalà in pastella, vedi qui. Today, I would like to propose a versatile idea, it can  be a bite-size snack, an appetizer or a second course fish dish. These batter-fried  salted cod bites are really tasty. I prepared them for dinner on … Continua a leggere